Untangle provides immediate access to over 30 open source projects (including SpamAssassin, Vipul’s Razor, ClamAV, and OpenVPN), packaged into 14 fully integrated applications that deploy in minutes. Untangle
has done all the heavy lifting, delivering:
  • Full reporting
  • Automatic updates
  • Graphical management console
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Policy Management
  • Full support
  • And much, much more

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    Managed Services FirewallGateway Protection

    OmniStar has Partnered with Untangle

    Now There Is A Better Way To Manage Your NetworkIncluded in Total Care Plan

    OmniStar has partnered with Untangle to deliver you an on-demand suite of applications that run on a single server and will change the way you think about network software.
    Untangle lets you:
         • control network activities that reduce productivity such as spam
             and inappropriate web surfing,
         • enable anytime anywhere access for remote employees, and
         • protect your computers and data from outside threats such as
             viruses, spyware, botnets, and phishing.

    Untangle Circle

    Never Trade Off Performance
    Untangle’s Network Virtualization technology eliminates the large latencies associated with moving data through multiple applications. Compared with the legacy method of proxy chaining, Network Virtualization does not require excess context switches and buffer copies that can result in exponentially growing time delays with each new application. With Untangle, your data flows at full speed.

    Gateway Platform
    Untangle’s Network Virtualization technology shares traffic data
    across all software services with minimal latencies.

    Built for the Future

    Untangle is a software platform. As new applications are released, you can activate them on your server. You never need to purchase more hardware for your network. Untangle protects your investment and keeps you up-to-date with the latest innovations in network technologies.


    Affordable & Easy to Get Started
    Untangle delivers unprecedented value for your IT dollar. Say goodbye to per user licensing. Untangle keeps it simple with a single subscription sized for your company. And with Untangle’s ease of implementation, OmniStar can quickly get you up and running.

    Deployment Options

    Untangle software can be installed on any Intel compatible server. For your convenience, OmniStar and Untangle also offer a selection of servers that come with the Untangle Gateway Platform pre-installed – just plug and play. The Untangle Pre- Installed Server datasheet lists options and minimum system requirements.

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